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Get to know... by Pinkaila Get to know... by Pinkaila
21/2/2012 UPDATE: Changed the border, blah.

Prejudgment, prejudgment, prejudgment!! >u>

I'm bored and only recently discovered how to make decent stamps OK, so yeah, haha!! X'D

But isn't it kinda annoying when people take one look and think they know EVERYTHING about a character. Even sum them up in one word. Mostly by their appearance? :/

Even I, myself, resorted to making short and simple profiles mainly coz, let's be honest, some people can't be bothered to read it all X'D so what do you do? Give the least general info about the character possible and people may think they know everything there is to know!! Well guess what. I BET THEY DON'T!! :nana:

I have too many ideas for some of my cast, some secret story lines, other random crap I think up randomly and whatever else, ha, I'm insane I know X'D I simply keep it all to myself, as hard as it is sometimes XD

So yeah. Just like the people you meet in real life X3
:bulletblue: Never judge a book by it's cover :heart:
:bulletblue: Take time and really get to know them :heart:
:bulletblue: They may change and develop, but they'll still always be them :heart:
:bulletblue: There's often more than meets the eye :heart:...

I wouldn't say I was an expert at creating original characters, pfft, but yeah, I have my morals when it comes to such a subject. So whatever, random stamp was random!! XD

:bulletpink: Please :+fav: fav if you use and thank you very much for the favourite in advance!! 8'D

Stamp ~Pinkaila 2011.
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February 14, 2011
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