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Who missed me? by Pinkaila Who missed me? by Pinkaila
Every time I draw Jason he seems to end up looking like a complete psychopath...... which he IS when it comes to being the best and crushing the competition etc. :XD:

:bulletgreen: Story? Well, at some point his brother (Jamie) comes home to perform some local gig. Jamie has barely been in contact since he left, so Jason goes apesh!t at Jamie for not even calling when he says he will, but is overjoyed he's home for a while anyway.
Soooo, Jason (obviously) wants in and to perform WITH Jamie's band (Sykotik) at their upcoming gig. Where they perform this song [link] coz Jason begs them too lololol. Long story short; he gets over passionate by the end and totally trashes Jamie's precious guitar X'D nice one Jason... Your mom will kill you now :3

:bulletblack: Tried my best to make an epic perspective 8U ended up as... not exactly what I wanted lol XD I had this whole weird camera angle thing in ma head. But never mind, still love how the guitar and pose came out, eeps so proud <333
And just a little alternate outfit for him. Lookin rockin/chic. Coz they have wardrobes now. Pfft about time :XD:
I had Jason shaded, like, last week OTL but just couldn't decide on a BG ugh. So I stole one from an ancient poster I did and added some dots 8U and sooo loved the idea of guitar debris coming out at you, mwhahaha >XD
Hope you love it :la:

Guitar ref: [link]
(EDIT: was wrong BG I linked lol) Very snazzy BG: [link] <33
BG vectors/textures Drawplus X4.

Emerald High *Pinkaila 2013.

Critiques NOT desired.
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March 3, 2013
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