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Random demon girl by Pinkaila Random demon girl by Pinkaila
Got bored of everything and sketched a gentle demon :dummy:... 
In my official semi-realism style? XD I seem to draw like this when attempting realism so yeah, pfft. 

And oh hey, she's slightly developed somehow 8U
Name: Merdi
Age: 217
Personality: Considerate, friendly, insecure, calm, paranoid

Info: She’s the youngest daughter of Satan (and Satan has maaany kids I bet lol) and often feels alone and useless within the world. Especially knowing her destiny is to cause pain and grief to the world’s people, she’d rather have world peace. 
Many years ago she was deluded into thinking her dad was a bad guy (IKR?) and worried she’d be hated too if she tried to be like him, so forced herself to rebel against any wrongdoing and whatever. Maybe one day she proclaims she’ll bring about world peace? (between heaven and hell) So her dad disowns her and banishes her to Earth where she is instantly hated and abused by humans, making her wonder if her dad was right to traumatize these pathetic people??

Lol random story. Not intentionally an OC, but she is adorable X’D
Does merdi mean green in German or something?? It rings a bell 8U

On a side note: Love people with wings so much asdfghj ;u; I actually made a comic about fairies when I was 13, then a short story called "The Fire Angel" at 14 o3o

Hope you love it :la:

Merdi and Artwork © Pinkaila 2014

Critiques NOT desired

P.S. Inbox piling up. Nothing new *slapped* Might have to just fav and run most of it OTL been a HELLA busy week... my house's getting a lot of heating and wiring updates asdfghjk. Complete madness X'D
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January 15, 2014
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