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Happy new yearness by Pinkaila Happy new yearness by Pinkaila
:squee: ~HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS~ :squee:

Left to right: (the slightly yet again updated) Jason, Daisy, Amilia, Sammi, Karl and Krissie :iconhugpileplz:
God, it feels like forever since I even attempted a group pic, never mind finished one :iconfacepokerplz:
But it seriously needed doing, gaaaah!! Just to prove to myself how much I've improved and stuff :icontearplz:
Look for last year's Xmas group pic. LOOK FOR IT. And go slightly blind whilst doing so~

Here comes the nostalgiaaaa~
I joined here nearly 2 years ago, with a few random, pointless ideas and crappy drawings. Simply wanting to share my ideas and make friends and blah. Point is, I've learned soo much, developed my (EXTREMELY underused post 2010) characters and 'made' something apparently funny and awesome out of them XP... so yay!!! ouo
Plans for next year?? I don't believe in planning!! Thus why I rarely finished nor put much effort into anything, like, ever 8'D *shot*
:heart: Thank you guys :heart:
To every single one of my watchers, even if you just glance at my work out of boredom, it's all very much appreciated to know that someone out there likes my crap, seriously~ :iconrlytearplz:
Hope you love it :la: xx

Wanna know more? Check out my gallery~
Emerald High *Pinkaila 2012.

Critiques NOT desired.
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December 31, 2011
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