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December 28, 2013
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Gift thing o3o by Pinkaila Gift thing o3o by Pinkaila
Download for better view pfft :heart:

Worked as much as I could (like a mad woman) to get these done and decent in time 8’D... and they’re still a bit late... woo :XD:

Left to right: 
Amy © *Mister-Mammoth-Pie being naughty as always, hehe >u> about to soda bomb everyone like bowling pins I imagine~
Kalti © =DatumShark I wasn’t sure what his main outfit was OTL so I just shoved him in a blue Santa suit, hoho ;D *slapped*
Jailene © =MsMercuryLamp haven’t drawn Sonic style for yeeaars X’D so I seized the opportunity mwhaha, so fun <33
Aru © ~lottza lookin very suave and sophisticated ahuu eue and I just HAD to wrap his hair is Xmas colors X’D
Rajita © =Floetepus coz I said I’d draw her again >3< ( drew her first actually) and she has cakes!! CAKES!!! *snatches basket*
Roxana © *Brejchova holy crap she’s hot!! XD was too fun drawing her sassy figure, ahuhuu eue <33
Prospero and Mobli © =LadyLoriel Mobli wanna cracker!! D’8... And Prospero’s probably wandering WTF a cracker is? XD Yep. 
Robin © *kd8lmno That ain’t the only present she has for Percy, ahuhuu *slapped* she oh so cute >u<
Ollie © =Speedeh #Ollie the Snowman# ouo has a nice ring to it? Lolol, plus he so adorbs <333
Yordi © *Gual-kun and since she usually has her backpack of goodies, thought I’d give her a sack of goodies for the occasion ;D

I simply couldn’t manage any more ;3; though I had a few more ideas...
Oh well, everyone else gets a virtual cookie :dummy: *chased by mob*

On a side note: These took at least 3 hours each from blank paper to finished on/off X’D
I wouldn’t even know how long my “normal” art took but I downloaded a stopwatch and can time everything I do on the computer now :dummy:...  has REALLY helped me manage time and see what I can do within set times and such. Highly recommended it!! 8’D



Hope you love them :la:

Artwork © *Pinkaila

Critiques NOT desired
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Karistal Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love them all to be honest omfg! The shading and the details on every individual character! I recognize most of them instantly! (well the ones I seen before anyway hehe) But you are so generous to have done this :D I am sure they all love it because it's fantastic and FUUCK I WILL LOVE IT FOR THEM HNNNNNNNNG <3<3<3 MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS!!!
Pinkaila Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
INDEEDABLES 8'D love Xmas colorssss!! So much lovely red and green *u*

Asdfghjk, so many thanks yooous ;3; <333 glad you like them all!!

I was honestly gonna draw your Ginger too 8'D but it hurt my feels coz I missed you so muuuch~ *happy slapped*
Floetepus Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
My goshness, I simply adore all of these! But holy oh my goodness, it is sooo amazing of you that you actually made full bodies for everyone!
That is such wonderful and heartfelt dedication! :''D And each character looks so perfectly well drawn and colored so wonderfully! You didn't skimp on a single detail! ;w; I am so amazed by all the poses and expressions too! ;w;

Asdfgh, nom~Kalti looks really sexy there >w> :heart: His scar came out really well:heart:
And omg, you actually draw Sonic style really well too xD (hidden skill from a lost time? x3).
Holy- that Aru looks so cool, love his pose alot~Seems like a confident guy xD Love his Xmas ponytail too, ahah~
And oh my gosh, yesss, you know how much I adore how you drew Rajita!! ;w; Gaah, she is simply stunning in your style~Just adore her sweet pose and her super kind expression here! ;w; Thank you so much for drawing her!!:heart::heart:
Ohoho, Roxana~Gosh she came out so cool and sexy!! Love how she is holding her hand up like that, and love her tounge too, lmao xDD
Baww, and Prospero and Mobliiii~asdfghjk, Mobli looks freaking adorablee! xD Adore so freaking much how he is tugging at Prospero's coat! >w< That is perfect~ Prospero came out so good too, love his happy smile, ahah:heart:
Aaah, and Robin! Oh my, she looks sooo sweet and sexy and adorable all in one here ;w; Love her black Xmas dress, fits her perfectly~And her red shoes and hat just goes sooo great with it! :'D

This is really an amazing work of love and dedication, Amy! ;w; Fantastic job!
Pinkaila Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Asdfghjkl, heartfelt dedication or pure madness yes 8'D *slapped* just shows what I can do when I kick myself more lolol <333

Ahuu, most likely a hidden skill yus >u> I draw nothing BUT Sonic style for at least 3-4 years X'D... perhaps should do it more I dunno 8D
So happy to know you like them alll >u< they all so fun to draw eeps... love doing gift arts ;3;
Anyway!! Endless thanks yous sweetheart ;;u;; appreciate your lovely comments of love so so much!! :iconforeveraloneplz: <333
Floetepus Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Heartfelt dedication always has a hint of pure madness in it anyway! :'D
You do amazing always! ;w;

Ahah, personally- I am not a fan of Sonic art nor Sonic characters xD But if you draw it, I will surely appreciate the wonderful work you would have put into it! >w< And it will look amazing!:la:Would still be fun to see what you'd draw in the Sonic style anyway, though:la:

You're welcome, yooou! ;w; :heart::heart:
Pinkaila Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Indeed it does :iconcrazyfaceplz:

Hehe, tis fine <333 I'd probably just draw my EH cast in Sonic style for the hell of it :dummy: same with that Ponies doodle ages ago, fff X'D
Floetepus Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:icon0u0plz:Yup, heheh~

Well, that would be amazing! xD I picture Amilia being something like Amy the Hedgehog really... maybe just because of the pink, derp. |D But I always found the err... hanging spikes? - to be rather gentle and more sweet, kinda. lolol idk |D Krissie must be like Rouge, like a sexy bat or so! Ohoho~ ouo
lolol, or whichever animal you had in mind for any of them- would be real fun to see your cast in Sonic style, really! xDD
Pinkaila Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, mostly likely the pinkess yes 8D... I imagine Amilia as cat really ouo and Krissie would make a freakin gorgeous bat, I must admit!! <333
Jason, err, would be a hedgehog :XD: unfortunately... coz of his spikey-ass hair lolol. 
Hmmm, not sure about others 8P

Aaaaaand what animals would your characters be?? 8D (not necessarily in Sonic style lol)~
Floetepus Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Omg, she'd be an adorable pink cat, though!! *u* 
And yeah, I couldn't imagine Jason as anything else than a hedgehog really! xDD ... would he be blue? (To me, I've gotten on to that blue is Jason's color? xDD)
Sammi would be a red Echidna?? |DDD /shotdead

Pff... hm... I think Rajita would have been gorgeous and slender cat. ouo And Kai would be a lazy, fat cat. xD Hugo would be a dog.. Sugary Sweet would be a bunny? owo Elias would be... well, a puppy. He kinda has to... could be odd if his dad was a dog and he was a bird, you know. =u=
Draw them as animals in Sonic style for me????? 8D I pay good points, money or art- or love! Or all!
Pinkaila Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Indeed 8'D I actually have a (crappy) sculpture of a pink cat somewhere... from, like, 2007-ish?? OTL
Fffffff, nah, Jason loves blue (mainly baby blue >3<) but he'd just be brown like his hair ouo so err, a normal looking hedgehog?? X'D

Baaaw, they all sound so perfect yes!!! *u* I can seriously just imagine them all now 8'D happy animal family <333

................. Actuallyyyyyyyyy, I doodled some friends as animals for practice last week lol X'D
So yus, I could draw them!! In my style... sorta... :dummy: (still practicing)
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