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Welcome to my gallery random people of dA!! :iconlainloveplz:

Please DO NOT reuse/recolor/copy/trace/whatever my work, lol, like it's even worth stealing? X'D *slapped*

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:+fav: Each and every fav catches my eye for a reason :+fav:
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Code practice lolol



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Tagged by :iconmelliebels: >3<

This is a tag for your OC's  (You can ask any of your OC you want)

1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the question as you would be your OC
3. You must tag 10 people and post their icons on your journal.
4. No tagging back the person who tagged you.
6. No junk in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this". You must personally tag 10 people.

~Floating~ by Pinkaila


1. Who are you?
Zavene: Errr, mind telling me who YOU are first?? >XD geeez~ Oh, right, this one 'a those meme thingamees?? >3> fiiiine, I'm Zavene :P Kevin's daughter he didn't even know existed until, like, I was 16!!! Just whaaat?? You fail daddy. Faaaiiil e3e

2. When is your birthday ?
Zavene: (looks at me) >3>
Me: Errrrr, I'll get back to you on that 8D
Zavene: You call yourself my creator?!! >8U the hell, girl?? You ain't even decided my birthday?! There's only, like, 365-366 days to choose from!! :iconffplz:
Me: You pick a date then? :dummy:
Zavene: FINE!! >XD................ April........ the............. 31st.
Me: That doesn't exist 8P
Zavene: Weeell if you wanna get all TECHINAL on me!! I don't exist either!! >8D
Me: I give up -3-

3. From which Anime are you ? Or are you completly Original ?
Zavene: Original, duh! Ain't gonna be associating myself with anime's no way!! >XD..... though I do watch them..... sometimes..... a lot 8| (has bookcase full of DVDs)

4. Who are your best friends ?
Zavene: Well, since I moved to Punksdale and all, I'd say Krissie first, then she introed me to Kexi and all her supersweet frieeeends!! We met in Culture club, since I've been evverywheeerreeeee and love people and travelling, unintentionally :P got loadsa stories for ya too, another time maybe~

5. Do you have a pet ?
Zavene: Does my butt count?! Coz I stroke that everyday >XD it ain't furry mind, ew no!!

6. What is your favourite color ?
Zavene: Baby blue and yellooooww!! So bright and loud, like me. BOOM* >;D

7. Do you have a crush on someone ?
Zavene: Hell no!! Guys are just weird perverts at MY age >XP gonna wait til I'm oolllddd and mature and stuff~

8. Are you a person who likes romance ?
Zavene: No :P but I like babies..... OK, no, I LOOOOVE babies!! :iconforeveraloneplz: I'mma cuddle their little puny faces to pieces yes I will!! <333 I'mma adopt when I'm older. There's an option :P don't need no man. Or gross brith-giving mess~

9. What would you do if you would be a Mary Sue ?
Zavene: Mary who?? (Googles on phone) Miss perfect?! Well, I AM pretty perfect :iconsothereplz: (flicks long-ass braid). Though I guess I'm borderline your stereotypical black badass girl uh-huh!! >8D mess with me or my friends and I will actually break your legs~ I've done it before at soccer practice >u>

10. Last but not least, What is your dream or you with for the future ?
Zavene: As hinted in that last question: I FREAKIN LOVE SOCCER!!! I follow the games like a maniac...... I swear some of the players have restraining orders on me 8| and yeah, I'mma be a pro soccer player one day!! :icontearplz: <333 and adopt millions of babies...... why does that sound familiar?? :iconwthplz:...... oh well, NEVERMIND!! Peace out ya'll!! Nice to meet ya... or well, you meet ME!! Whatevers X'D

I tag:
Everyone who has time to do this?? :dummy: *slapped* or Zavene will break your legs :3....... and mine.......

*BOOM is kinda her catchphrase X'D waay before I heard of "Sonic Boom" which was a strange co-incidents I felt..... can't wait for that game lol ;;u;;



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